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Our Water

Our natural mineral water is bottled at source by Celtic Vale at a purpose built bottling unit in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside.

Natural Mineral Water is an official designation laid down in the UK Natural Mineral Water Regulations. Our water has met the criteria and rigorous testing involved to gain Natural Mineral Water Status. The mineral content and flow of the water must remain constant for a period of two years and received no treatment other than filtration and carbonation. This ensures the end product is of the highest quality.

Our water comes from a specified underground source which is protected from any kind of pollution and is situated 800 ft above sea level in an area designated as a protection zone by the Environment Agency. The catchment area surrounding our spring covers around 3,000 acres of the Brecon Beacons National Park, the fact that the spring surfaces above any farm land greatly contributes to its exceptional purity and low nitrate content.

Daily in-house testing and weekly testing by an external laboratory ensures the end product is of a superior quality.

Water Analysis

Our Natural Mineral Water is renowned for its exceptional purity and mineral content. This celebrated artesian spring has filtered through the rock strata for many years before it emerges to the surface in the Black Mountains.

It is this long filtration that gives our water its exceptional purity and unique mineral composition. 80,000 gallons of mineral water is forced to the surface each day under natural pressure. Its composition and quality have remained unchanged for centuries because of the geological structure of the surrounding area. The stability and reliability of this source is a major factor in its success.

<20.00 mg/l
7.28 mg/l
7.46 mg/l
<1.00 mg/l
5.30 mg/l
<10.00 mg/l
42.00 mg/l

Bottling, handling and purity are subject to continuous and rigorous testing to ensure the highest standards at all times. From source to table, every step of the way is carefully controlled and monitored to assure you the highest quality drinking water.

The area of the spring has been designated as a Protected Zone by the Environmental Agency.


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