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Our Range

At Aquachill we have a superb range of water coolers to suit all needs in your office, home or store, including water coolers to rent and to buy, as well as a wide selection of water cooler accessories to ensure you have everything you need.

We provide Floor-Standing and Table-Top water coolers in both Mains-fed and Bottle-fed designs, which come in a choice of either Cold & Ambient or Hot & Cold taps.

Finding The Right Water Cooler To Suit Your Needs

Bottle-Fed Water Coolers

Bottle-fed water coolers are a good way of providing chilled, great tasting water for those who have no access to chilled mains water within the office, home office or store. We can provide you with excellent value bottled water coolers suitable for the office area, which are particularly useful in areas such as meeting rooms and reception areas.

We can also organise delivery of our 19 Litre bottles of Natural Mineral Water as and when you need it within the Herts, Beds, Bucks & London area. All of our rented Bottle-fed water coolers are sanitised every three months by one of our fully-trained and experienced engineers. If you choose to purchase your water cooler outright then DIY sanitisation kits can be found on our Water Cooler Accessories page.

We provide a wide variety of bottle-fed water coolers to suit any budget and environment. For more detailed information on renting or buying a bottle-fed water cooler please visit the Water Coolers To Buy or Bottle-Fed Coolers To Rent section of the website.

Mains-Fed Water Coolers

Our plumbed in water coolers are the ideal office water cooler solution, which will save you money and help the environment all in one. Water is drawn from the mains into the cooler, filtered and chilled before being dispensed, providing a constant supply of great tasting water for your entire team.

How A Mains-Fed Water Cooler Works

The Mains-fed water cooler is connected directly to the mains water supply with discrete food grade flexible tubing. This means the cooler can be positioned a good distance from the mains water without the need for any additional plumbing. The water is then taken through a carbon based filter system which removes 99.99% of impurities from the water, and finally is chilled/heated in the water cooler and dispensed.  

Installation And Servicing Of Mains-Fed Water Coolers

After the free site survey has been completed and we are in agreement as to location of your water cooler, we will arrange an appointment for our installation engineer to install your cooler. If plumbing work is required then we can arrange for our professional plumbing contractors to complete this for you. All of our rented Mains-fed water machines have a filter change and sanitisation every six months by one of our fully-trained and experienced engineers.

Considerations For The Installation Of A Mains-Fed Water Cooler

You need to have access to a potable mains water supply nearby and an electricity point within three metres of your proposed water cooler site.

We stock a wide variety of Mains-fed office water coolers to suit any budget and environment. For more detailed information on renting or buying a mains-fed water cooler please visit the Water Coolers To Buy or Mains-Fed Water Coolers To Rent section of the website.

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